Discover the Meaning of the Absolute Comfortable Transportation
Switzerland is used to being the most politically neutral country in the world, while it is considered to be one of the richest countries, proportionally to its population. The perfect banking and financial system that applies gives its inhabitants the luxuriousness of a high quality life. All the above also helps the country to provide an excellent and flawless transport system with airports, railways, buses, trams and road networks.

In Zurich, one of the four main airports of the country and the biggest one is located. Zürich Kloten Airport is 13 km away from the city center and is about a super modern structure, which connects Switzerland with cities all over the world. The majority of the airlines that fly to Zurich Airport have an extensive destination network, including Swiss Air the national carrier of Switzerland. Certainly, the Swiss road highways and railways are the most impressive to use, since they connect cities and towns with long tunnels and high bridges. The urban center of Zurich is served by a well organized public transport system, consisting of trams, bus, trains (S-Bahn) and trolleys, which are ideal and accurate regardless the traffic and the weather. Especially, Zürich Hauptbahnhof (the biggest railway station in Switzerland) is considering being one of the most important railway hubs in Europe with more than 350,000 commuters every day. That is why public transport is quite popular in Zürich, and its inhabitants use public transport frequently. In addition, the public transport network also includes boats on the lake and river and even funicular railways that connect villages on hills and slopes.

It is not a lie to point out that, when a public transport system is about to operate in another city on earth, the phrase ‘Zurich Model’ is used to emphasize the dynamic of the project and the will to succeed! It is a great chance to live such a transport experience!